Subbase Tanks

UL-142 Generator Sub Base Fuel Tanks

The Secondary Containment (Double Wall) Generator Base Tank is a true double wall constructed tank, the rails of the outer tank have been designed to support the weight of the generator set. This is the only form of generator base tank recognized by Underwriters Laboratories as a “double wall”. Both the inner tank and outer tank must be pressure tested to 3 psi. Each gusseted bolt hole has been designed and tested to support up to 4000 lbs. If this tank is UL Listed, it will include an emergency vent connection on the inner and outer tank. These connections can be fitted with an optional back pressure relief valve set at 8 oz.

Standard Features

Heavy gauge steel construction
Primary Tank constructed of:
10 Gage steel top
12 Gage steel bottom, sides, ends, and baffles

Outer Tank constructed of:
7 Gage steel channel sides
10 Gage steel bottom, and ends
2″ NPT fill connection
1 1/4″ NPT normal vent connection inner tank
1 1/4″ NPT normal vent connection outer tank
1″ NPT fuel return 1″ x 1/2″ NPT removable fuel supply dip tube
1″ NPT Level Switch connection
3/8″ NPT exterior drain
No fixed heights (recommended maximum 36″)
Each tank designed to your specifications
Tank baffles to increase structural strength and to cool fuel
Inner tank pressure tested to 3 psi
Outer tank pressure tested to 3 psi
Four sided complete base enclosure
Interior – rust proofing epoxy coated
Exterior – E&CA gray enamel or optional gloss black

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