Battery Chargers


Master Control Systems, established in 1965 by William L. Stelter, has been Leading the Way in Fire Safety for over 40 years. Manufactures of Fire Pump Controllers for fire sprinkler systems entirely within the US.

In addition to the world’s best line of Fire Pump Controllers and Jockey Pumps, Master Controls also manufactures high reliability stand-by and float service Battery Chargers as well as an extensive line of Industrial Control Panels including pumping panels for duplex, triplex and variable speed applications.


Master Control Battery Chargers

From 5 to 30 AMP

From 12VDC to 130 VDC

  • Automatic Float-Equalize Charger
  • Precision Two Rate Float Charger
  • Regulated Float Charger
  • Regulated Semi-Float Charger
  • Low Cost, Regulated Semi-Float
  • UL Listed Fire Pump Chargers