Sound Attenuated Enclosures

Galvanized Steel or Aluminum

1- Acoustical Enclosure: The Enclosure Base dimensions are X” wide x X” long x X” tall.  The inside dimensions are X” wide x X” long x X” tall. The fixed weather louvers will extend an additional X” on both ends of the enclosure. The enclosure has been sized based on a gen-set X” long x X” wide and X” tall.   Design/Specification: The enclosure is designed to meet the following requirements: The enclosure is designed to reduce the air born mechanical noise from the equipment to 85 dB(A) when measured at a distance of 1 meter (68 dBA @ 23 ft.) at an elevation of 5 1/2 feet in a free field environment based on the following: Based on genset equipment noise not to exceed X dB(A) at 3 ft. and total volume airflow of X cfm at 2” w.g. additional water column. Engine exhaust is not included. Gen-Set is to be isolated from the skid The General Construction of the enclosure will be as follows:
Outer Skin14 Ga. Galvanized Steel
Roof Skin14 Ga. Galvanized Steel
Interior Stiffeners14 Ga. Galvanized Steel
Acoustical Pack4# Per Cubic Foot Mineral Wool
Protective Liner2 Mil Mylar
Interior Perforated Liner22 Ga. Galvanized, Perforated Steel
Base FrameC6 Channel A-36 Carbon Steel
Enclosure4X4 Square Tubing

Available accessories:

The enclosure will be provided with the following accessories:


Inlet & discharge weather louvers with birdscreen (galvanized construction)

Inlet & discharge vertical baffle panels (galvanized construction)

Two (2) double access service doors 72″ W x 78″ H

Two (2) single access service doors 48″ W x 78″ H

Door hardware to include:

 – Handles and Hinges – Refrigerator style chrome plated

 – neoprene gasket single sealed around the door perimeters

 – bolting hardware stainless steel

Gasket to place between the enclosure and the base tank

One (1) engine exhaust opening with stainless steel weather cap

Two (2) roof mounted muffler support channels

Rain lips over all doors

Four (4) lifting eyes marked ” For Enclosure Removal Only”



All exterior surfaces will receive two coats American Coatings enamel.

Color to be Precision Tan

Inside surfaces will not be painted.

Approx Weight 11,000 Lbs.


Optional Electrical Package:

The enclosure will be provided with:


Four (4) Fluorescent light fixtures

Two (2) Three way Switches

Two (2) 20 amp GFI duplex receptacles

One (1) 100 amp MB, 120/240 AC, single phase, 60 Hz control panel

housed in a NEMA-3r box with breakers. All conduit will be rigid with EMT connections

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