FTI Model FTI-2.8

Single Tank Applications up to 5000 gallons.

The FTI-2.8 system will handle up to a 5000 gallon diesel fuel tank. The FTI-2.8 is Labeled “FM APPROVED” and Listed in the FMG Approval Guide in the “Flammable Liquid Equipment” Section in compliance with the NFPA definition of Labeled and Listed equipment acceptable by AHJ.


Fuel Technologies International is the only manufacture in the world that has FM Approved Systems, (Factory Mutual).


This system is designed for rack and wall mounting, weighs 95 lbs. includes 2 stages of filtration, alarm for leak detection, water detection, filter saturation, and motor overload. Pump is 2.8 GPM rotary gear, and motor is 1/3 HP, 115V, AC @ 6.5 amps, single phase, 60 HZ. Inlet pipe size is 3/4” and outlet pipe size is 3/4” NPT.


Available with our without Modbus RTU RS485 Serial Communications.